Logging into Arista ETM Dashboard


You can manage all of your networks using Arista's cloud-based ETM Dashboard. 

Logging into ETM Dashboard

To log into ETM Dashboard, you must have login account. To create a login account:

  1. Go to https://edge.arista.com/cmd.
  2. Click Create Account.
  3. Enter the required information and set a password.
  4. Review the privacy policy and accept the terms.
  5. Click Create Account to confirm your new account.

After you create an account or if you already have an account, enter your credentials and click Login


Note: If you do not know your account password, you can click Forgot your Password? to send an email containing a link which will reset your password.


Logging into ETM Dashboard using Single Sign-On

If you have an existing Google or Microsoft account and would like to use Single Sign-On (SSO) to log into your ETM Dashboard account, you can do so by clicking the appropriate button (below the Log In button). This redirects you to the service provider's login page. If your SSO account requires multi-factor authentication (MFA), you will receive the code via your normal method and complete MFA through the SSO login page.

Once you have logged into that service, you are logged into your ETM Dashboard account.

You can also require the use of SSO to access your ETM Dashboard account. This option is located in My Account > Settings:


Not required SSO is available for use, but is not required to log into this ETM Dashboard account.
Any provider You must use SSO to access this ETM Dashboard account, but either Google or Microsoft SSO is allowed.
Google You must use Google SSO to log into this ETM Dashboard account.
Microsoft You must use Microsoft SSO to log into this ETM Dashboard account.


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