Managing appliances in Command Center


Command Center is a cloud based service for managing your Untangle appliances. To use Command Center for appliance management and remote access, you must meet the following requirements.

Version Requirement:

NG Firewall version 12.2 or higher must be installed to remotely manage a device in Command Center. Devices below 12.2 will show up in Command Center, but they cannot be managed.  When attempting to access any device below version 12.2 this error will display.  More information about how to perform upgrades can be found Here.


Complete Package Requirement:

For full management of appliances a Complete Package is required. This excludes the Remote Access capability, which is free for all appliances. If the Complete Package is not assigned, the management features such as Policies and Reports cannot be used. More information about the Complete Package can be found Here.

Connect to Cloud must be Enabled:

In order to remotely manage or see information regarding an Untangle appliance, the option "Connect to Command Center" needs to be enabled on the appliance. You can configure this option in the Support area of the configuration. When this option is disabled the device will show offline in Command Center and the dashboard for that device will stop updating.   

Account Registration:

If the Untangle appliance does not show up in the Command Center view, then the appliance has not been added.  To add an appliance please Click Here and follow the directions.  


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