How to register an Untangle appliance in Command Center

During the installation of Untangle NG Firewall, you can register the appliance to your account after completing the setup wizard. Alternatively, you can register (add) appliances directly in Command Center. This is useful for example if you do not have local administration access to the system and you prefer to complete the setup remotely from Command Center. This process is also referred to as Zero Touch Provisioning when used with the serial number of an official Untangle hardware appliance. 

IMPORTANT: If the appliance is already registered to another account, it will need to be removed from the old account before proceeding. Click Here for instructions on how to remove an appliance from your account.  

To register / add an appliance in Command Center:

  1. Log in to Command Center.
  2. Navigate to Appliances.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Enter the UID or Serial Number of the appliance you are adding. cc-add-appliance-modal.png
  5. Click Add.

The new appliance appears in the appliance grid in the right panel.

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