What are Policies and how do I create them?

What are Policies?

Untangle has made it easier than ever to share settings between your installations using the Policies tab of the Command Center. Policies are unique configuration settings for specific modules that can be pushed out via the the Command Center to your installations. With Policies a network administrator can configure a template Untangle, then deploy that template configuration to numerous other Untangle appliances. These templates can also be stored in the cloud for quick access and deployment to all future Untangle installations. At its core Policies provide the tools to configure once and deploy to many.

What are the requirements to use Policies?

First, you must meet the requirements to access Command Center.

In addition, the individual nodes/UIDs must have already installed the applications or services prior to management via Policies.  

Also please note that some Policies also require installation of Policy Manager on the individual nodes/UIDs.  

How to Create Policies:

To get started on Polices, navigate to your store account and launch the Command Center. Click the 'Policies' tab. Below are some helpful guides. IMPORTANT: Some functionality requires the Policy Manager app be installed.  

How to Create Policies:


How to Set (Push) Policies:


How to Delete Policies:


How to Rename Policies:

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