Command Center - How to Create Alerts Policies

Alerts Policies in Command Center allow the deployment of your custom alert rules to multiple Untangle installations. To get started open up your store account and navigate to the command center: How to Access the Command Center.

  1. Navigate to the Policies tab and then click Alerts:CC_Policies_Alerts.png

  2. Click on Create Policy.

  3. Check the box for the UID that will be the source of the new policy:

  4. Then click OK and wait for the successful confirmation:

  5. Optional: To rename, double-click on the policy presenting these input fields and click Update to save changes.  Learn more about renaming here.  

  6. Next, let's set the appliance policy for a UID by clicking Set Appliance Policy:

  7. Now, check the boxes of the UIDs that will receive the pushed policy:

  8. Then click OK and wait for the successful confirmation:




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