How to create Policies

Policies in Command Center allow the deployment of custom rules and configurations to multiple Untangle installations. To get started open up Command Center by logging in via


  1. Navigate to the Policies tab in Command Center

  2. On the left side, select the Category, then App for the new policy.
  3. Select Create Policy.
    IMPORTANT: When creating Application policies (those that include the Policy Name column), the Policy Manager service and the Application involved must be installed on the NGFW.  If Policy Manager is not installed on the NGFW the UID will not be displayed.  Also any racks that are missing the Application involved cannot be a target of a push policy.  Policy Manager is included with all Complete Package subscriptions.  

  4. Check the box next of the UID that will act as the source for the new policy template.  Then click OK.

  5. Once imported a success window will display.   



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