Getting Open NAT on an Xbox One using UPnP.

UPnP on the Xbox One is currently bugged.  So routers will eventually expire UPnP reservations after a period of inactivity. Normally when a device needs access again, it will renegotiate the leases and become active.  The Xbox One doesn't do this unless a full reboot of the console occurs. As a result, users with a
secure UPnP setup and the Xbox One on the "Instant On" setting will have a moderate or closed NAT, impeding their ability to connect to other players and services.  There are a few ways to handle this issue.

  1. Hard reset the console by holding the power button on the console.​
  2. Perform the "test multiplayer connection" test in the settings app. Once it finishes, hold LT + RT + LB + RB and an advanced screen will appear. During the advanced screen, the Xbox will attempt to renew its UPnP leases.​
  3. Disable "Instant On" and switch to "Energy Saver" and deal with very long console boot times.​


You may also need to open ports based on the publisher of the software you are using.  For example, when using Ubisoft titles, you will need to open ports TCP: 6015 and UDP: 50000-60000 on Untangle or your upstream router.

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    gene raftery

    Thank you for this. I was at a loss as to what to do, and you provided me with an instant solution. Not the first place i looked, but rather the one that sorted me out.

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    That is great great to hear!

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