13.X - Web History Report for a Specific User

Keeping track of your individual users browsing history has never been easier with our new drill-down reporting engine.

Navigate to Reports > Web Filter > All Events:


Choose Web Filter in 'Select Report'


Reports are arranged with graphical reports at the top of the list and event reports at the bottom


For a list of all of the sites that users have visited, choose 'All Web Events'


Now, add a condition to look for one specific user. First, uncover the conditional entry menu by double-clicking the grey bar on the bottom that reads 'Conditions: 0'.


Now, select a conditional from the conditional list.


 Then click 'add' to add the conditional to the bottom section. Here we added a Source Address IS conditional.


Once you've added a conditional, you can look for specific events in the sample of that query using the search filter. 


By default the reports window displays the last 1000 events. This can be increased to 10,000 and 50,000


A range can be added to limit the events to a specific time period. Click 'From' to bring up the calendar for the starting date. Select a time of day in the drop down menu to the right and add an ending date by disabling the 'Til' checkbox.


The reports window displays several columns by default. Others can be uncovered by hovering over the column headers and clicking the caret (upside down triangle) that appears.


Reports can be exported to csv format which is suitable for import into spreadsheet applications such as Excel, Sheetz, Numbers...etc.


 The 'All Web Events' report provides all events. For a more granular view of actioned traffic, we also recommend reviewing the 'Blocked Web Events' report specifically for instances of users attempting to connect to a blacklisted site. 



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