Editing Command Center user permissions


You can edit the permissions of users that have access to your account. See Managing Command Center users for more details regarding users. 

Editing user permissions

You can edit the same permissions you assigned when adding users to your Command Center account. To edit user permissions:

  1. Click on AccountMy Account.

  2. Select Users from the menu on the left.
  3. Check the box for the user whose appliance permissions you want to edit.  
  4. Click Edit User Permissions.
  5. In the Billing and Subscription Management selector, choose the type of access to assign to the user(s). 
  6. In the Permitted Appliances section, specify the appliances you would like the users to be able to  manage.  OR  Choose All Current and Future Appliances to assign the users with full administration of all your appliances. Note that users with this permission can also manage configuration templates.
  7. After you are done assigning permissions, click Save.


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