How do I share access to specific Untangle Instances

If you haven't already added Users to your account, please CLICK HERE for a guide on how.  

IMPORTANT: By sharing access to Untangle instances (UIDs) via Command Center you are granting the user full administrator rights and access to that instance (UID).  


  1. Login to Command Center and navigate to the Account Section at the top, then select Users from the menu on the left.  Check the box for the user or users that you want to enable appliance access.
  2. Select the Edit Appliance Permissions button and a popup will appear with a list of Untangle appliances.
  3.  Check the boxes for the Untangle appliance the users will have the ability to access.  Then click the OK  button.
  4. The user grid will be updated showing the permitted appliances.  Mousing over the Permitted Appliances column will display a full list of Untangle appliances, including Hostname and UID.
  5. Repeat these steps to update appliance permissions in the future.  This includes adding or removing from the Permitted Appliances list.  


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