How to upgrade a subscription

  1. Login to Command Center and navigate to the Account section.  Select the Subscriptions link from the left menu.  SubsMenu.png
  2. Select the checkboxes for the subscriptions that you’d like to upgrade and select the upgrade button.  Note you’ll only be able to update 1 complete package subscription at a time. SubsUpgrade001.png
  3. The Subscription upgrade form will appear.   Fill in the relevant information to upgrade your subscription and select the get price button.  Note:  The upgrade button is not enabled until your review the price on the next screen. SubsUpgradeBox.png
  4. The renewal price will be displayed.  Select okay, you’ll be able to change or cancel the upgrade on the next screen. SubsUpgradePrice.png
  5. Select Ok and you’ll be returned to the Subscription Upgrade form.  Select the upgrade button.   Note: Alternatively you can cancel or change the upgrade product, device count or renewal period.
  6. You’ll receive a message that the subscription was successfully upgraded.  Select the OK button.
  7. You’ll be returned to the list of subscriptions and will be able to view the updated information for the subscription.

How to renew a subscription

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