Managing NG Firewall backup configurations in ETM Dashboard


ETM Dashboard enables you to automatically backup configuration data from NG Firewall appliances connected to your account. After an appliance performs at least one backup to ETM Dashboard, you can use the backup file as a Configuration Template, or you can restore it to the same appliance.

This functionality requires the Configuration Backup app.

Restoring the configuration backup to an appliance

To restore a configuration backup:

  1. Go to the Appliances tab.
  2. Select the appliance from the appliances list.
  3. Find the Cloud Backups Widget.
  4. Select a backup file by date and click Restore Backup.
  5. Click Yes to confirm.


Creating a backup file manually

Click the Create Backup button to force an immediate backup of the selected appliance.

Downloading a backup file

Click the link in the Name column to download a copy of the backup file to your local machine.

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