Why is my device showing offline?

Command Center is used to manage your Untangle appliance. If you sign into Command Center and you see that your Untangle appliance is grayed-out, this is usually caused by the link that Command Center and your Untangle use to communicate is old/broken. To refresh this connection, try the following steps:

  • Sign into your Untangle using the IP address of the external interface of your Untangle appliance.

  • Verify that the appliance meets the requirements to manage a device in Command Center

  • If your Untangle appliance is still grayed-out, refresh the Appliance page in Command Center.

  • If it is still grayed-out, clear your cache and attempt to reload Command Center. 

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, open a support ticket via support@untangle.com or call our Support team via (877) 754-2986.

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