Which option to use when downloading NG Firewall software

The NG Firewall software is free to download and it works on multiple platforms. But how do I know which download I need?

We're glad you asked.

Your choice of download format depends on what kind of hardware platform you're installing the NG Firewall software on:

  • If it's a hardware appliance — whether purchased from us or your own hardware — choose the ISO option.
  • If you intend to install in VMWare you have two options:
    • download the OVA formatted file. This is pre-configured with an 80 GB drive. This is not the recommended option for production environments; it's good for testing and trialing the software, but shouldn't be considered a permanent install.
      Note that the OVA option is deprecated as of NG Firewall 16.5.0.
    • download the ISO formatted file. This gives you full control of hardware parameters in the VM.
  • If you intend to install in a virtual environment other than VMWare,  download the ISO file.
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