Why does Untangle Support need access to my box?

Untangle Support does ask for access to your systems in some cases. There are three routine types of access requested and some that aren't totally routine.

  1. Untangle asks you to enable "remote support". This is securely encrypted connection to the "insides" of the Untangle unit and allows us to perform more advanced troubleshooting without requiring you to create any additional openings in your firewall.  Your Untangle makes a secure encrypted connection to our data center where our technicians can connect from (and only from) our office to your server. To enable support access check the box under Config > System > Support > Allow secure access to your server for support purposes.

  2. Untangle asks you to set up a screen sharing session using the Teamviewer (or similar) service. This is to allow the agent to access your system locally in the most unobtrusive manner possible. The support agent can also directly test browsing or other applications and get immediate feedback.

  3. Untangle asks for "GUI" or "UI" access to the box. We sometimes request this when other connection methods are not working (bandwidth, os, etc). You should always create a new username and password for Untangle support and you should remove this login as soon as we are done.
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