I have auto-renewal enabled, why do I see that my license is going to expire in X days?

This article will most likely pertain to customers on a monthly subscription.

Every month, your NG Firewall receives new expiration information from our license server and will automatically alert you letting you know that the current date is x amount of days away from your expiration date. There is no need to be alarmed about this because in most cases, your renewal date is 1-2 days before your expiration date. In which time, your subscription will be renewed, the alert will go away, and your NG Firewall will get new expiration information.

If this is not the case and your expiration has been hit without your subscriptions renewing, then there may be a few things that have happened:

  1. Your credit card information on file is no longer valid
  2. Somebody has disabled the auto-renewal option in your store account
  3. Your Untangle NG Firewall Server is having trouble updating its information against our license server, in which case, you should contact support.
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