Upgrading IC Control to New Software and Firmware

Upgrading IC Control to newer versions of software and firmware can be done from the appliance. The average firmware update is 10-30 minutes, depending on download time, while software upgrades range from 2-10 minutes, depending on update size and download time. 

Firmware updates require a reboot, which can cause a momentary disruption to network connection as IC Control enters, then leaves, hardware bypass mode. In some network configurations, this can cause redundant firewalls to fail over or send off alerts. Firmware updates can also disrupt any downloads in progress, so plan an appropriate maintenance window when performing upgrades.

Software upgrades do not disrupt Internet traffic and are safe to run at any time. However, during software upgrades you cannot access IC Control's web Interface, nor will you be able to manage or report on your system. After the software upgrade process is completed, you can go back to fully managing IC Control. 

To update software and firmware:

  1. From IC Control, select Admin > Configuration > System Options > Update Settings.
  2. Click Update Now for either Firmware or Software.
      • IC Control checks for and installs newer versions of firmware or software.
      • After software updates install, the system automatically restarts services.
      • After firmware updates install, the system automatically reboots IC Control.
  3. A message appears in the browser if a newer version of software or firmware is available. Close the browser after each software update. Or, click Cancel to leave the browser open and perform another software update. Always close the browser after firmware updates or if you are done updating both software and firmware.

Upgrade Sequence

Upgrades are sequential and must be completed in order. Even though we call them software and firmware updates, all updates are software in nature. The reason for specifying some as "Firmware" is because the software updates require a system reboot after installing. This is the reason firmware updates are done manually, so you know when IC Control is going to reboot. We recommend you schedule maintenance windows with your organization, so you can update your system and reboot without impacting regular business operations. To manually install firmware, see Upgrading IC Control to New Software and Firmware.

Starting from software v9.1.9 update software and firmware in the following sequence:

  • Firmware upgrade to v9.2.2
  • Software upgrade to v9.2.3
  • Firmware upgrade to v9.3.1
  • Software upgrade to v9.3.2
  • Software upgrade to v9.3.3
  • Software upgrade to v9.3.4
  • Software upgrade to v9.3.5
  • Software upgrade to v9.3.7
  • Firmware upgrade to v9.3.8
  • Software upgrade to v9.3.9
  • Firmware upgrade to v9.4.0
  • Software upgrade to v9.4.2
  • Firmware upgrade to v9.4.3
  • Firmware upgrade to v9.4.5
  • Firmware upgrade to v9.4.8

Note: User's running v9.4.2, v9.4.3, or v9.4.5 can migrate directly to v9.4.8. See Release Notes Version 9.4.

Upgrade Notifications

Software and firmware notifications are sent to the Message Center on IC Control's home page. Software updates run automatically overnight if you are on the latest firmware update. If there is more than one software update, they will run one a night (sequentially) until all updates are completed, but only if the firmware is up-to-date with the latest version. Otherwise, software updates will not automatically begin updating, until you upgrade to the latest firmware version. Or, you can always manually run updates following the Upgrading IC Control to New Software and Firmware process.

See Release Notes for specifics about each release.

To view current software version:

  1. From IC Control, select Report > Home Page.
  2. Below System Status, check which Software Version you are currently running.
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