Why Does IC Control Not Allow Me to Block the Advertisements Category?

Advertisements are an integral part of Web sites as more and more businesses cross over to marketing on the Internet. Due to the high volume of advertisements on Web sites, this category will always have high reporting statistics. You cannot block the Advertisement category directly because doing so would affect the browser's ability to load some Web sites correctly. This has the negative effect that many Web pages are coded so that if the advertisements do not display, the pages will not work at all. However, the solution below can help you to minimize ads from some Web sites.

Blocking Ads by Domain

You can block some ads by blocking the Domain that the ad originates from. You can add the host Web site that the advertisements are downloaded from to the Blocked URLs list.

To block Ad Web sites

  1. From Network Composer, select Manage > Policies & Rules > Internet Usage Rules.
  2. See Content Filtering - Blocked URLs

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