Why does my IC Control block all traffic when powered off or rebooting?

The behavior during down conditions can be configured in IC Control. The following options allow you to set the behavior when powered off.

Fail to Wire with Hardware Bypass

Allows all traffic unfiltered when IC is off, or rebooting. 

To enable fail to wire with hardware bypass

  1. Verify that the devices on either side of IC (typically the firewall and core switch) can negotiate properly when IC is not in the mix (i.e. avoid hard setting speed and duplex settings). If you must hard set the ports then make sure they are set to the same speed and duplex.
  2. Select Admin > Configuration > Network Options > Ethernet Settings.
  3. Select Pair 0: Pass All Traffic In Bypass .
  4. Click Apply.

IMPORTANT: Verify the type of cable used between the devices on either side of IC (typically firewall and core switch). If a crossover cable is required, a crossover cable will be required on one side of the IC Control.

Fail to Wire No Traffic

Blocks all traffic when IC is powered off, or rebooting.

To set fail to wire to not pass traffic

  1. Select Admin > Configuration > Network Options > Ethernet Settings.
  2. Uncheck Pair 0: Pass All Traffic in Bypass.
  3. Click Apply.
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