How to transfer subscriptions to a new NG Firewall

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to download the config backups (if needed) prior to the transfer. Once you transfer the license, the config backups will be unavailable.

 Steps to transfer the license to the new server. 

1. Login to the store with your store account using 'My Account' button in upper right corner of Administrative web interface on new server. 
2. On the top menu, click Subscriptions. 



3. Click the Name/UID link for the subscription you want to transfer.
4. This will remove the subscription from the appliance. Click Remove to confirm. Once removed, the subscription becomes a voucher available for use on another NG Firewall UID.
5. To add the license to another NG Firewall UID, click the unassigned link on the Subscriptions tab.



6. Select a device from the list to transfer the subscriptions to and click Add



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    Tommi Tuomi

    whereas the original problem, then i press remove the system returns the following response: The subscription A-S00044283 could not be removed - please contact Untangle. We could not remove your old license - no changes have been made. Please contact Untangle and reference error SRVLA.
    What is this ???

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    Collen Knickerbocker

    That error does sound pretty generic.  It does appear you have already opened a support ticket for this issue.  The Support Team should get your squared away in no time!

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