How to activate your cold spare unit

For Untangle customers who have a cold spare hardware unit, the process to "activate" it when necessary is easier than ever. Your cold spare unit from Untangle will come either pre-configured (if Conversion Service has been performed by a Support Tech) or with the NGFW Free Package. If the primary device goes down, you'll need to take a few steps to get the cold spare up and running:

1) Turn on the cold spare unit, and register it to your Untangle account. The steps for doing this can be found in this article.

2) Once registered to your account, the next step is to restore your configuration backup by following these directions

3) Once that's done, just transfer your subscription to the cold spare's UID. The process for transferring a license can be found in this article

Once your subscription has been transferred, any active software trials on the server will be replaced with your paid applications. Your cold spare is now active. 

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