If I have both Virus Blocker and Lite, are both used and what order?

If you have both virus scanners installed, Virus Blocker is applied to a message first: if a message passes Virus Blocker, then and only then is Virus Blocker Lite applied to the message (there's no point in scanning the message twice if the first scanner has rejected it).

This is not to say one scanner is inherently better than the other: note that Virus Blocker is complemented by Virus Blocker Lite and in the case of a virus-free message, the computational overhead of the virus scan includes both scanners. A message that would be rejected by both scanners incurs the computational and time cost of just Virus Blocker. To perform a valid comparison, you should run test messages through the NG Firewall with no scanners installed, Virus Blocker by itself, Virus Blocker Lite by itself and lastly both scanners installed together and compare the results.

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