Deploy IC Control Manager OVA on VMWare


IC Control Manager is your solution to a centralized management system for IC Control appliances across your multi-site organization. IC Control Manager (formerly Network Composer) is offered as a hardware appliance and as a virtual appliance. The process below covers installation of the virtual appliance in VMWare EXSi.


System Requirements

4 GB of RAM


50 GB / 512 GB Hard Drive Space

The OVA file comes in two hard drive sizes 50 GB and 512 GB choosing to install the 50 GB size will greatly limit the amount of reporting data that can be store on the appliance.


1.  Download the IC Control Manager (formerly Virtual Conductor) from the link provided by your sales representative.

2.  Open your VMware server Console with Admin/Root Permissions

3.  From the File Menu select Deploy OVF Template.

4.  Choose the File location.

5.  Name the Virtual Machine as desired.

6.  Choose Disk Provisioning Format. We recommend a "Thin Provision" for most deployments.

 7.  Choose your Network Mapping (how the IC Control will talk to the Network/Internet).

8.  Review the Deployment Details and click Finish to start.

9.  Wait until the OVA is deployed, then edit the Machine settings.

10.  Assign the Machine at least 1 CPU cores and 4GB of RAM. More will improve performance and may be needed if you join several IC Control instances to the IC Control Manager.

11.  Power on the Virtual Machine and configure the Virtual Appliance.


The remaining steps are the same as for a physical IC Control appliance. For more information visit Getting Started in the User Guide


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