Installing IC Control on VMWare EXSi

Untangle's IC Control is now available for evaluation purposes as a Virtual Appliance capable of running on VMware and other virtualization platforms. The following document will guide you through the installation of ICC on VMware EXSi. 


Deploying the OVA

1) Download the OVA file from link provided by your sales representative.

2) Click File > Deploy OVF Template.

3) Click Browse and locate the OVA file you downloaded.


4) Click Next to the OVF Template Details. Review and click Next.

5) Provide a Name for the Virtual Machine. Click Next.

6) Choose the Datastore, if prompted and provisioning method. Thin Provision is recommended for most installations. Click Next.

7) On Network Mapping, choose the correct networks to connect each port. In order from top to bottom the ports are:

  • WAN Port (currently labeled Dev GW VLAN 500)
  • LAN Port (currently labeled kmchenry PT)
  • Mgmt Port (currently labeled ascott PT)

IMPORTANT: The WAN and LAN port can NOT be connected to the same virtual switch or ethernet interface. This will create a loop and is likely to bring down your network.

8) Once your networks have been selected, click Next. 

9) At the Ready to Complete page review your configuration and click Finish.


Initial Network Setup

1) Power on the newly created IC Control VM.

2) After it has finished loading you will be presented with a page similar to the following.

This details which ports have been assigned to each virtual switch and the default login information.

Default Menu Login:

Username: menu

Password: untangle 

3) Log in with the default login information to get to the main menu.

4) Enter "1" then press Enter to configure the IP addresses for each interface.

5) On the IP Configuration page you will be prompted to enter IP address information for each interface. Hit Enter to move to the next IP configuration. At the end you will see a message that "Changes have been applied" and various services will restart.


Setup Wizard

With the IP address configured we can now log in and finish the setup with a web browser. 

1) Open a browser and go to http://ipaddress where 'ipaddress' is the IP you used in the previous step.

2) Enter the default username and password.

Username: admin

Password: untangle

3) Accept the End User License Agreement.

4) On the first page of the setup wizard, be sure you have the information requested for the configuration. Click Next.

5) On step 2, verify the network settings are correct.

IMPORTANT: The Default Gateway must be on the WAN side of the IC Control.

6) Set the Time Zone and Available Bandwidth. Available Bandwidth is the download/upload bandwidth provided by your ISP and is used by the system to determine traffic shaping and other rules.

7) Fill in an email server that the IC Control can use to relay messages to the administrator. Click More Information for information on popular mail services. Click Next.

8) On Filter Configuration choose to enable the web filter or not. The application engine will run by default.

9) Check the Additional Setup section and select any options that match your network. Click Next.

10) Review the final configuration and click Next.

11) On the last step your settings will be saved and applied. This may take up to 2 minutes to complete.

12) Refresh the browser page to register the product and continue with configuration. The configuration and reports are identical to the IC Control hardware appliance.



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