ASM Not Updating Properly

The 3 primary reasons for the IC Control to not be able to download updates, verify ASM, open support links, or communicate back to Untangle are:

  1. DNS does not resolve (or for support links). You can test this from Admin > Diagnostic Tools > Test DNS Settings.
  2. Default Gateway is backwards. The Default Gateway for the IC Control should be on the WAN side and typically pointed to the internal IP of the Firewall. You can adjust this from Admin > Configuration > Setup.
  3. Port/traffic is being blocked. Sometimes the firewall, or another filtering device is blocking the IC Control ports which are 22, 80, and 443. Also, Port 123 is used for NTP (Network Time Protocol) if you don’t configure IC Control to work with a local time server. This can be configured under the Admin tab > Configuration > Advanced Settings page.
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    Shawn Mahoney

    Should the Port/traffic ports be open for inbound and outbound? Is there any harm in allowing the device to unrestricted outbound and allow anyone to connect inbound?

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