ICC USB boot creation

Steps to make USB drive


1. Download the .zip file. USB Boot V2 Download- (Not for LX200)

    LX200 and some LX10 devices Separate Download of USBIT required

2. Extract files from .zip folder (Skip if downloaded LX200 image and USBIT separately)

3. Browse to the folder where the extracted files are and run USB ImageTool.exe

4. Insert A USB drive that is 1GB or bigger and click on it in the left menu.



5. Click restore in the bottom left corner and browse to the folder where you extracted the .zip file and choose the .img file.

6. This will now give you a progress percentage on the bottom left corner. This will only show the percentage but will not prompt when it is done so if there is no percentage make sure that the drive is selected. If selected, you already did the above and no percentage it is done. 

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