Updating your ICC License Key

To install your new license key, log into the appliance and navigate to the Admin Tab. Expand the Configuration and click on License Settings, as shown below:

Next, click Edit across from the License Key: field, and enter your license key.


Once the license key has been entered, click Apply at the bottom of the page to apply the new license to your appliance. It should look similar to this page:

Next, in the same section, you will need to enable "Dynamic Licensing" by checking the box labeled Enable traffic based dynamic licensing. Once that setting is changed and applied, use the Run Dynamic Licensing Now button to run the service.

For further details about Dynamic Licensing, see the License Settings link below.

Your new license should now be installed and properly licensing your active nodes. If you have any further questions or concerns about managing your licenses, please refer to the following links or contact


License Settings

License Subnet Settings

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