How to register a server to an Untangle Store account

Registering a server to your Untangle account is a simple and straight-forward process. You'll need access to your Untangle's administrative interface as well as the email address and password associated with your store account. 

To register the UID to your account, simply log into the server's GUI and click on the "Account" (as seen in the screenshot below).. 


After clicking "Account" you will see options to access "My Account" or to logout, like below.


Click "My Account"be redirected to the Untangle Store, where you'll need to enter the Email Address and Password associated with the account, like in the screenshot below: 


Once logged in, you'll be redirected to the "Servers" tab within the store: 


Once the server appears under your "Servers" tab, it has successfully been registered to your Untangle account and any unassigned Subscriptions can be applied to it. 

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