Use UNLS (User Notification Login Script) on Windows terminal servers.

In order for the UNLS script to be deployed to Windows terminal servers per session Virtual IP's will need to be enabled on the server and the default UNLS script will need to be modified to work properly. 


More information on enabling virtual IP's can be found here.


Editing the UNLS script.

The default UNLS script pulls the current user using QWINSTA.EXE. This will cause only one user to show when running the script.  Because of this it will need to be changed to WHOAMI.EXE in the UNLS.

Note: This modified script should only be deployed to the Terminal servers.

  1. Download the UNLS script. This can be done in Directory Connector > Settings > User Notification API section of the NGFW

    Clicking the image above will load it, full-size, in a new window. 

  2. One you have downloaded the script find the following line

    & "%SystemRoot%\System32\QWINSTA.EXE /SERVER:" & sHost _

    And replace with

    & "%SystemRoot%\System32\WHOAMI.EXE /SERVER:" & sHost _

  3. Save the User Notification script.

This script can now be deployed to the Windows terminal servers you have Virtual IP's enabled on. 


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