Installing/ troubleshooting ICC Directory Server Agent


  1. Uninstall the Directory Agent from add remove programs/ programs and features section of the server and download the current version found here.
  2. After downloading save to the desktop or a location you know where it is. Right click on the exe and click on run as administrator. ( If you do not run as administrator it will not install correctly)
  3. During the installation it will ask for a password. This is to create a password. Please enter a simple password (Numbers and letters only).
  4. Browse to Manage tab>Directory Users and Nodes>Directory Agent Section and click on the domain connection listed.
  5. Change the password in the password field to be the password setup during the installation of the directory agent on step 3.
  6. Remove the domain information in the domain field then click Query. If the password, port and server IP is correct the field will populate with the domain name. Once this populates you can then save the current settings.

If the Domain field does not populate please check that the IP, port and password are correct. If these are correct please check that the servers firewall/ antivirus is not blocking the connection for the port being used. In Windows Server 2008 and above you may need to add a allow entry for this port in the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.

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