How to share a subscription between store accounts

Notice: Sharing subscriptions is only available for Untangle partners.

Sharing subscriptions is a new way for an untangle Partner to give an additional store account the ability to assign subscriptions to UIDs without granting access to billing or renewal information.  

This system replaces the creation and management of vouchers in order to share subscriptions between accounts.  

To share a subscription with another account, do the following:

1) Login to your store account and go to the subscriptions tab.




2) Click on the green unassigned or UID link of the subscription to share.



3) A new box will pop up and allow the entry of an email address. This is the email address for the store account with which the subscription is being shared.  Once an email has been entered click the Share button.

4) When complete, both the original store account and the shared store account will receive an email notification of the share. 

5) After sharing the subscription an icon will appear next to the Auto Renewal status for that subscription.

 6) The shared account will now see the shared subscription on the Subscriptions tab, and can assign that subscription to any UID under the account. To do so..

7) The end-user will sign in to their store account, where the sub. will now be visible. 

8) Once signed in, click on the Servers tab, then the "Assign Subscriptions" button - this will bring up a pop-up box that will allow you to choose the UID/server: 

9) Choose your server and click "Add": 

This will apply the subscription to the UID. Once it's done, the sub./UID will be visible under your Subscriptions tab.

The license has now been transferred to the end-user's Untangle account, giving them access to assign or unassign it. 

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