Connect an iOS Device to NG Firewall via L2TP

This article will describe how to configure L2TP connections on iOS devices.  


The first step is to enable L2TP/XAuth/IKEv2 Server over IPSec on your NG Firewall appliance.  You can find the configuration by clicking the Settings button on the IPSec app, then browsing to the VPN Config tab.  On this page enable the "Enable L2TP/XAuth/IKEv2 Server" option, add an IPSec Secret and configure the User Authentication.  

Be sure to record the following fields:

  • IPsec secret
  • Username/Password configured under User Authentication
  • Server Listen Address


Next it is time to configure the iOS device.  The following screen shots were taken on an iPad running iOS version 8.3.  Your configuration may appear differently depending on device and version.


  1. Select the Settings app

  2. Then select General and then VPN.

  3. Then select Add VPN Configuration...

    Clicking the image above will load it, full-size, in a new window. 

  4.  Make sure L2TP is selected at the top and NOT PPTP or IPSec.

  5. Fill out the following fields.
    • Description - Can be anything, this is for your reference only.

    • Server - This is the IP address (or domain name if configured) of your NG Firewall.  This is the Server Listen Address on the NG Firewall.

    • Account - This is the username configured under User Authentication on the NG Firewall

    • Password - This is the password configured under User Authentication on the NG Firewall.  Leave it blank if you want the user to enter the password every time the device connects.

    • Secret - This is the IPsec secret on the NG Firewall

  6. Click the Save button in the upper right corner.

    Clicking the image above will load it, full-size, in a new window.

  7. You should now be able to connect or disconnect from the NG Firewall via L2TP over IPSec by toggling the slider next to where it reads Not Connected or Connected depending on your current state.  

    Clicking the image above will load it, full-size, in a new window.
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