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Upgrades and changes (device count, subscription terms, etc.) to most licenses can now be made by the user, through their account dashboard on However, there are some exceptions to this, including our "Education Standard/Premium" and "Standard/Premium" packages, which we no longer offer. Because they're no longer offered, they can't be upgraded through the Untangle store. 

As these have been split into our Public Sector Complete and Nonprofit Complete, users wishing to make changes to a no-longer-offered subscription will need to contact the Sales team at Untangle by emailing For most other subscriptions, the upgrade/changes steps are laid out below. 

Once you've gotten to and signed in to your account, you'll click on the Subscriptions tab: 

From there, just click on the relevant subscription to highlight it, then click the "Upgrades/Changes" button at the bottom of the screen: 

This will bring up the first step in the upgrade process. Choose your desired option(s) for upgrades or changes, then click "Next". 

From there, you'll be able to either change your device count, the subscription term, or upgrade from individual packages to the Complete Package, which can occasionally result in significant savings on your licensing.

Once complete, you'll be asked to apply the changes, and your Untangle subscription will be updated.

If you don't see the changes in your Untangle GUI immediately, you may need to perform a license refresh by going to Config > About > Licenses Tab, then clicking the "refresh arrows" at the bottom (see below). This will update the licenses on your server to your current options. 

Your subscription(s) has now been updated. Please contact Untangle Support with any issues regarding making upgrades/changes to your license. 

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