How to assign a subscription to a UID/server

In order to utilize software purchased on, you will need to get your subscription(s) assigned to your UID (server). This is an easy process that can be managed from your Untangle account. The steps to assign your subscription are listed below: 

1) Go to and sign into your account. 

2) From there, click on your "Subscriptions" tab, like in the screenshot below: 


3) Once there, your new subscription should appear as "unassigned". See below: 


4) From there, click on the "unassigned" link and it will ask you to choose a server, like in this screenshot: 

Once you've chosen the correct UID/server, click "Add" and your license will be assigned. If your Untangle apps still show up as unlicensed, a quick license refresh may be required. Within the Untangle GUI, you'll go to Config > About > Licenses tab, then click the refresh arrows. This will call home to the Untangle license server and update the subscription. 

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