12.2 - Web Filter History Report for a specific user

Keeping track of your individual users browsing history has never been easier with our new drill-down reporting engine.

Navigate to Reports > Web Filter > All Events:


Graphical Reports are located in the 'Select Report' section and statistical reports are in the 'Select Events' section located at the left side of the report window.


A specific users' activity can be found in the statistical reports section. Select 'All Web Events' from 'Select Events'.


 You can enter the users IP address, Hostname, or Username into the filter field or you can add conditionals to search for that users activity.


The number of events being displayed can be increased:


Ranges can also be added. Click on the 'One day ago' button to bring up the range start calendar and click the 'Present' button to bring up the range end calendar. Select the range that you would like to run the report for (How far back you can run a report for is determined by how much you are retaining. You can change this by navigating to Reports > Settings > Generation tab > Data Retention Days field.


You can also add columns to the report to further customize your results by hovering over a column label, clicking the down-facing caret, clicking on 'columns', and then enabling the column checkbox.


Now that you've run your Web Filter Report you can export it using the 'export' option located at the top-right.


Remember to look at the 'Flagged Web Events' report to view logged events, 'Blocked Web Events' to see what users are attempting to access blacklisted sites, and we encourage you to explore many of the other informative report types we have included.



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