Time-Based Rules in Policy Manager

           Do you want to allow your users the privilege of accessing social networking, shopping, or entertainment sites during their lunch periods but would like to keep them blocked during working hours? Or, does the idea of terminating your children's internet access at 9 PM on school nights interest you? If so, you may want to implement some time-based policy manager rules.

           Policy Manager is one of Untangle's most powerful features. It works by allowing you to create virtual racks, much like a traditional server rack. Like server racks, Untangle's virtual racks can contain multiple devices (applications) that perform different functions on network traffic, such as filtering web content or filtering spam. Policy Manager allows you to create policy rules that send traffic to different racks, which can contain multiple, independently configured applications. For more information on creating and populating new racks please review our Policy Manager wiki documentation.

            Policy Manager Rules are used to specify what traffic you wish to send to a specific filtering rack. Navigating to Policy Manager > Rules tab and clicking 'add' allows you to create a new rule.

           Clicking 'add' while inside the rule creation screen allows you to add conditionals to match traffic. To create a time-of-day rule, you will want at least two conditionals; the traffic that you are matching (IP/subnet address, MAC address, hostname,...etc.) and the time of day conditional. Then select the target rack that you wish that traffic to move to.

           In the screenshot below we are sending all traffic to the 'TestRack' from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM.

Clicking the image above will load it, full-size, in a new window. 

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