Integrate NGFW With Google Drive

As of Version 12, we have added the ability to sync your Untangle appliance to your Google Drive account so that you can have Backups and Reports placed directly in to your Google Drive.

In order to utilize this functionality you must first setup the service, which is found in the Directory Connector. Click on the Settings for the Directory Connector and then navigate to the Google tab. From here simply click on the Configure Google Connector button found on this page. 

A new tab should now appear asking for you to log in to your Google Account. Once you have authenticated it will then ask you to allow permissions to your Google Drive which you need to do in order for this to work. After doing so click the OK button found at the bottom of the page and then go back in to the Directory Connector and navigate to the Google tab and you should see that the service is now configured.

The Google Connector is now configured.  To utilize this functionality in the Reports Section or the Backup section please see these articles - 

Sending Reports to your Google Drive

Sending Backups to your Google Drive



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