Use SSL Inspector to Inspect SMTPS and HTTPS Traffic

Important note: SSL Inspector requires the root certificate of your NGFW to be installed on the workstations / browsers that would be subjected for HTTPS inspection. 

For manually installing the root certificate via GPO-


For manually installing the root certificate on Mac OSX ( Yosemite ) -


For installing the root certificate on Windows using the installer-

  1. Navigate to Apps > SSL Inspector

  2. Click the Configuration tab.  

  3. Click the "Download root certificate installer" button and run through the installation wizard.

  4. By default, processing of HTTPS is enabled under Configuration tab. Enable SMTPS processing as well.

  5. Under the Rules tab, by default it inspects SMTPS ( port 25 ) and inspects Youtube, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia for HTTPS traffic. Check "Inspect all traffic" to process all other HTTPS sites.

  6. Click the power button under Status tab to turn on SSL Inspector.SSLInspectorStatusTabEnable.jpg



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