Configuration Backup FAQ

1. Can I restore from a different version's backup, such as using a v10.2 backup with a NG Firewall running v12.0.1?

We officially support restoring backups within the same version, e.g. using a v16.2 backup with another v16.2 server, however users have reported that older backups do restore to the newer versions. It should be ok as long as you stay within one major revision, e.g. using a v16.1 backup with a v16.2 system. When switching to new hardware, we recommend upgrading the old hardware to match the version running on the new hardware before backing up and restoring between them.


2. How do I restore a backup?

After logging into NG Firewall, you can go to Config > System > Restore. It's best to bring up the NG Firewall GUI from another PC, that way you can restore the backup directly from another system.


3. When I click view backups, it tells me none are available. Why is this?

There are a few causes for this issue:

  • You just installed and NG Firewall has not performed its first nightly backup.
  • You don't have Configuration Backup installed and turned on.
  • There is a configuration issue (DNS, etc.) and your box cannot talk to our backup servers.

Please contact Support and we can help you troubleshoot the problem.


4. How do I manually perform a backup?

After logging into NG Firewall, you can go to Config > System > Backup. It's best to bring up the NG Firewall's GUI from another PC, that way you can download the backup directly to another system.


5. How do I retrieve backups?

Just log into your ETM Dashboard account, click on the Appliances tab at the top of the screen, select the appliance you want, and then scroll down to the Cloud Backups section. Backup filenames start with the date (DD-MM-YYYY*).


6. How do I know if my NG Firewall is performing backups?

The Status tab of Configuration Backup lists the last successful backup; you can also use the Event Log to see past backup attempts and their results.

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