Branding Manager FAQ

1. How Can I Create My Own Block Page Skin?

For more information on skin creation, please see our Community Skins section.


2. How Do I Lock Branding Changes?

Branding Manager changes can only be made from the GUI; only administrators can modify the settings.


3. Why Isn't There A Trial Version For Branding Manager?

There is no trial version available as the only changes are cosmetic.


4. Where Can I Get Templates For The Branding Manager?

We have created some color templates for your use, just click here to download.


5. Are All Untangle References Removed From The Untangle NG Firewall?

No, not all - the store, wiki, forums, favicon and several other elements still indicate that it is still Untangle. Branding Manager is focused on branding for users, not administrators.


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