Enabling Remote Access to the Administrative GUI

To gain access to the administrative GUI to view reports and make configuration changes navigate to Config > Network > Advanced tab > Filter Rules (lower tab) > Input Filter Rules (bottom section).

  • For ssh access enable the rule 'Allow SSH' (Rule 1)
  • For off-network access via the WAN IP, enable the rule 'Allow HTTPS on WANs' (Rule 2)
  • For on-network access via the Internal Interface IP, enable the rule 'Allow HTTPS on non-WANs' (Rule 3)

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 You can then access the appliance over HTTPS via the IP address.

Be sure to append the port number if you changed the HTTPS service port in Config > Network > Services tab

A sample link for accessing the appliance with a custom HTTPS port would be:

https://[IP of Interface]:44443

You can then enter your access credentials in the Admin login:


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