How to block traffic to or from a specific country

With our new geolocation capabilities, you can now use the Firewall application to block traffic coming to or from foreign countries. To block traffic coming from a certain country (or countries), we can use a simple Firewall rule.  

  1. Go to the "Apps" view and then click the Firewall application.

  2. Click on the Rules tab and then the Add button to create a new rule.  

  3. Give the new rule a description that helps you identify the rule in the future, then click the Add button to add a condition to your rule.  

  4. To block traffic coming from a foreign country/countries you would select the "Client Country is" condition and then select the country or countries you want to block from the pre-populated list by clicking in to the Value field. In this example we are blocking all traffic coming from China:

To block traffic coming from your local network going to certain countries, we follow the same steps as described above and change the rule condition to "Server Country is" as seen in this screenshot:


IMPORTANT NOTE: if you create a firewall rule to block all non U.S. traffic you will block your local LAN's traffic as it will never show a country in that traffic.

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