Enabling remote support without UI access

If you are unable to log into the UI, but you have physical access to the Untangle hardware, you can still enable access for Untangle support to access the device to assist with troubleshooting. Connect a keyboard, monitor, and mouse to your device and then follow the steps below. 
  1. ​Click on Recovery Utilities

  2. You will see a warning like what is shown here:​

    NOTE: It will momentarily stop network services, for about the same amount of time as a change made in the UI would​​.

  3. After selecting Yes, you will ber prompted to enter the admin password​

  4. ​Arrow down to Remote Support, then hit Enter on the keyboard

  5. Arrow down to Enable, then hit Enter​

  6. Select Save, then hit Enter​
Remote support access is now enabled!​
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