Configure wireless interfaces

In this day and age wireless internet connections are a must. From iPads, cell phones and laptops to refrigerators, TVs and thermostats, most things can be and are connected to the internet via WiFi.

Before configuring your NG Firewall's wireless interface you will want to plan ahead. You will want to determine how many devices will be connecting to the wireless.

To configure the Wireless interface follow these instructions. First you will navigate to Config > Network and then click on the Edit icon (pencil) on the line of the Wireless interface.


In the Address field enter the IP address (1) and Netmask (1). You will want to select Bridged (2). Then click Wireless Configuration (3).


On the Wireless Configuration tab: enter your SSID, choose Encryption, set a password and set the channel (optional). 


Once you have entered this information, save your work. At this point you should see your SSID broadcast in Wireless setting on the device you want to connect.

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