Executive Summary email report templates

Untangle provides the ability to create custom email reports that can be emailed to any individual within your organization. Attached to this article are two examples of an "Executive Summary" email template that can be emailed to the owner/managers (or any reports users) within your organization. The first "Executive-Summary" simply provides an overall summary report, while the second, "Executive-Summary-With-Graphs" breaks more high-level information down visually. Once imported template can be copied & edited to fit your needs, and even exported to other Untangle servers

NOTE - The templates linked in this article were generated on version 13.2 of Untangle or newer. They are not guaranteed to work on any other version of Untangle.   

To import an email template, first you'll need to download your preferred template:

Download the Executive-Summary.json file
Download the Executive-Summary-With-Graphs.json file



  1. On your Untangle, navigate to Apps, then click Reports under "Service Apps".

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  2. On the Email Templates tab, click Import in the top-right corner.

  3. Select Append to current settings and then click Browse... to select the file downloaded in step 1. Then click Import.

  4. When the import completes you will see a new Executive Summary email template available for use.

To setup a new report user and the new email template sent please follow this guide.  

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