How to create Alert Rules

The first step in configuring Command Center to send Alerts to your network technicians is to create a notification profile. (CLICK HERE for instructions.)

To create a new alert rule:

  1. Login to Command Center
  2. Click on Alerts and then Alert Rules
  3. Click Add Alert Rule
  4. Populate the required fields.  
    1. Name - Can contain anything.  This is strictly for your reference.
    2. Rule - This is the text string the Alert Rule will look for in order to trigger the Alert.  You can view some example text strings under the Events report in Command Center.  Alternatively entering "*" (without quotes) will trigger on all events.
    3. Status - Active or Disabled.
    4. Check the boxes for the notification profile(s) to use. Multiple profiles can be enabled for each Alert Rule.alert_rule.png
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