Initiate a Refund

To receive a refund you need to meet certain requirement. You need to submit your request to within 7 days of purchase for software purchases and 30 days for hardware purchases.

If you meet the conditions on our refund page.......send an email to with your invoice or subscription id and request a refund.


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    Elnur Taghiyev

    Dear Untangle,

    My name is Elnur Taghiyev from Pasha Holding company.

    On 03/14/2019 I made a renew of my subscription for 150 users. (A-S00065121) INV00713871
    Then I upgraded my subscription to 250 users and upgrade cost was 443.83 dollar. (A-S00076532)
    But as a matter of fact I was also charged $3,151.23 (A-S00076532) INV00713872
    Total charged : 2700+3151.23= 5851.32$

    Could you explain the reason and when we will get the refund?

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    I am going to take the information that you provided and create a ticket. I will then send that ticket over to our finance department and someone will be reaching out to you today.

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