Troubleshooting internet connectivity issues

"The internet is down" is one of the more common reports an IT person can hear. This phrase has many close relatives:

  • the network is down
  • the internet died
  • email is down
  • the web is down
  • the internet doesn't work
  • losing internet connectivity
  • loosing [sic] internet
  • internet is unreachable
  • doesn't pass traffic
  • can't get to the internet
  • stops passing traffic

While the user may feel that this phrase is technically accurate, it describes only the symptoms of the problem and nothing about the problem itself.

If you are trying to discover where on the network the issue lies or trying to get help discovering what the issue is, it can be worthwhile to better describe the symptoms such that a troubleshooter can more easily help you.

If you are using Untangle and you find yourself saying "the network is down", try to also answer the following questions:

On the Untangle

Under Config > Network > Troubleshooting:

  • Use the Connectivity Test: do both TCP and DNS tests pass successfully?
  • Use the Ping Test: can you ping Untangle's gateway?
  • Use the Ping Test: can you ping
  • Use the Ping Test: can you ping
  • Use the Connection Test: can it connect to port 80?

On a PC behind Untangle

  • Can you ping Untangle's internal IP? (doesn't apply for bridge mode)
  • Can you ping Untangle's external IP?
  • Can you ping Untangle's gateway?
  • Can you ping
  • Can you perform DNS lookups? (Open a command window and run 'nslookup' or 'host')
  • Can you ping
  • Can you open a browser to
  • Can you open a browser to Untangle's internal administration interface?

On a PC outside the network (if available)

  • Can you ping Untangle's gateway IP?
  • Can you ping Untangle's external IP?
  • Can you open a browser to the HTTPS administration on Untangle? (this requires "Allow HTTPS on WAN's" under Config > Network > Advanced > Access Rules)

Your answers to these questions will greatly narrow down where the problem is likely to exist, which will make it far easier to find the problem or for someone to help you.

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