After upgrading to version 14.0, VMWare console access is not working

With the upgrade to version 14.0, Untangle's NGFW now includes a new Linux kernel.  This new kernel running in VMWare, in OVA installations only, causes the console to not work properly.  

NOTE - Only OVA installations are affected. This does not affect Untangle installations using the ISO or IMG files.  

NOTE - This issue does not impact management of the NGFW from a computer browser or via Command Center.  

NOTE - All screen shots below were taken from ESXi 6.7.0 (Build 8169922).  


In order to resolve the issue, you will need to complete the following steps.

  1. Shutdown the Untangle NGFW server in VMWare. We recommend a graceful shutdown of the NGFW via a web browser and the Shutdown option under Config > System > Support.

  2. In VMWare ESXi, create a snapshot of the virtual server. Select the Virtual Machine, then click Actions > Snapsots > Take snapshot.VMware_ESXi.jpg

  3. In ESXi, select the Virtual Machine, then click Actions > Upgrade VM Compatibility.VMware_ESXi-1.jpg

  4.  A dialogue box will appear. We recommend selecting the most recent ESXi version.  VMware_ESXi-2.jpg

  5. Click Yes to confirm the upgrade.

  6. Start the NGFW VM and change the kernel boot selection in grub to the first option (4.9.x).

  7. Once started, the Untangle should operate as expected.   
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