Getting lots of email alerts about scorecardresearch!

Clicking the Clear Category URL Cache button at the bottom left-hand corner of Web Filter > Advanced should resolve this issue:


Untangle gets its Web Filter Category information from a company called Zvelo. It seems Zvelo briefly categorized scorecardresearch (or some sub-sections thereof) as a phishing or fraud website, although it has been corrected as of 8/10/18. Unfortunately, they have a presence on tons of websites, so your Untangle is blocking a lot of sessions, which causes a lot of alerts.

Here's how to alter your alert to ignore this specific site.

In the Config > Events > Alerts tab, edit the rule entitled 'Phishing/Fraud website visit blocked'. By default, it's rule #14. Add a condition for requestLine Does not equal (!=) *scorecardresearch*, like this:


That will stop alerts for this specific site, but still create alerts for any others.



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